"Sink The Titanic"

One of Stone Love's dj with over 19 years of experience. From nightclubs to stage shows and anything in between he knows how to move the crowd.

Born September 17 as Brian Ellison in Jamaica. “Iceberg” has been playing music since the 90s. He started out in 1998 as part of Super Flex Sound. He became an official member of The Immortal Stone Love Sound in 2002. His love for music and wittiness has made him who he is.

Iceberg brings his sense of humor and love of music to every show.

Selecting the entertainment for your event is one of the most important decisions you will have to make about your special day. Your event is a unique reflection of your celebration and your desire to share your joy with others. No two events are exactly alike! An attitude of professionalism is what sets apart substandard service from excellent and memorable performance. If you want to book Iceberg, please fill the booking form.

You will find the latest information about Iceberg on this page.


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